Political Prisoner Ramsey Muniz Releases a Statement About the Passing of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela‘s Obituary at Al Jazeera

A Message From Chicano Political Prisoner Ramsey Muniz:

Rest In Power Nelson Mandela

Rest In Power Nelson Mandela

I am greatly saddened about the passing of Nelson Mandela, but at the same time I see him embracing my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for freedom, justice, and love for the world. Even as I share these words of spiritual wisdom, I cannot stop tears of sadness and sorrow because at the moment that I heard of his passing, I was reading his recent book, making comments about his thoughts which made an impact on my heart. He spoke with the same voice, knowing the true meaning of oppression, discrimination, racial bias, loneliness, chains, shackles, and a long imprisonment. Those who continue to feel the cold iron and steel doors that shut their hearts and minds can understand.  I will be with my brother, Nelson Mandela, as I will pray for his journey to heaven, and I ask that after his resting and taking his spiritual position that he come into my heart and soul and give me the courage, pride, love, heart, and soul to become a free man once again and to bring freedom to the masses of humanity.

To Nelson Mandela I say, “I will always love you for coming into my life when I was in solitary confinement.  My wife, Irma Muniz, sent me your most famous book — Long Walk to Freedom. I read the book twice, and I shall always love you for being the man, father, and spiritual human being that you shall forever be.”

I have fasted, drinking only water for the last four days. I shall continue to fast in dedication to the spiritual life of my beloved freedom brother, Nelson Mandela.

Freedom. Freedom. God, give us our freedom.


Ramsey R. Muniz

Confined 21 years in the prisons of the United States of America