UT Students Sit-In Against Shared Services

I just received the following information about UT Austin students who are currently staging a sit-in at President Powers’ s office in thr UT Tower.


Minutes ago, 18 students began occupying President Powers’ office, demanding that Powers withdraw his support for the Accenture-driven ‘shared services’ plan that will lay off 500 UT employees. The group includes members from USAS, the University Democrats, the University Leadership Initiative, and Queer People of Color and Allies.   For the past year and a half,
students, faculty, and staff have campaigned against shared services and asked to meet with President Powers to discuss this plan, but the coalition has been denied a meeting.  Despite widespread opposition to this plan, the administration has begun implementing shared services and laying off critical members of the UT community.  The students plan to stay in the office until Powers agrees to meet with them and withdraw his support for the plan.  Join us for a rally in support of the students sitting-in and the staff
who make this campus run!