George Lipsitz on White People

Here’s a quote out of context from George Lipsitz’s How Racism Takes Place (2011):

The people who congratulate their country and themselves on the passage of civil rights laws in the 1960s have created a rhetorical Martin Luther King to serve their interests who bears little resemblance to the actual historical Martin Luther King. …

Rather than resolving racial inequalities responsibly, these laws enabled whites to pretend the problem had been solved.

(15 – 16)


Reyes Cárdenas: “I Was Never a Militant Chicano” (ca. 1975)

Dagoberto Gilb’s excellent anthology of Tejano literature, Hecho En Tejas, was assigned to me as an undergraduate student, and one of the pieces that spoke to me the most was Reyes Cárdenas’s “I was Never a Militant Chicano”. While preparing for this semester I opened up Hecho en Tejas, and came across the poem once more. So, I decided to share it.

A new collection of Cárdenas’s work has been released through Aztlán Libre Press. You can pick up a copy using the link.

You can hear Reyes read from his new collection this Friday at 12pm and 6:30pm. Here’s the info from the Houston Chronicle:

The Chicano poet Reyes Cárdenas will read from “Reyes Cárdenas: Chicano Poet 1970-2010,” noon, University of Houston Center for Mexican American Studies, 322 Agnes Arnold Hall, 4800 Calhoun Road, 713-743-3136; and from 6:30-8:30 p.m., Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery, 241 W. 19th; 713-880-2420.


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Quotes Out of Context: Gloria González-López

“Latinas who survive academia are burras in pain, female donkeys who go through the cracks of institutions while having to carry a heavy load on their backs.”

From: “Epistemologies of the Wound: Anzaldúan Theories and Sociological Research on Incest in Mexican Society”

Quotes out of Context: José Antonio Villareal’s Pocho

“My teacher says we are all Americans,” said one of the girls, who was in the first grade. She stood and began to recite, in a monotone, “I pledge allegiance to the flag –”

“You! Sit down!” said the father, in a loud voice, and laughed. “You  are an American with that black face? Just because your name is Rubio does not mean you are really blond.”