The LBJ Library: A Monument to a Great President

The LBJ Library on the campus of UT Austin

The more I learn about LBJ, the more context is given to his accomplishments, and the more racists try to dismantle his work, the more I feel like he is my favorite of American Presidents. And, like all American presidents, he was responsible for equally terrible things like the escalation of the police action in Vietnam. Still, his domestic policies and achievements rank higher in my view than that of FDR. And, I’m not just saying that because he’s a Texan.via Flickr

UT Police Protect Israeli Block Party From Dangerous Information

UT Police Protect Israeli Block Party From Dangerous Information
Once I turmed around after talking to the #BDS group I saw a group of campus police standing around between the Israeli/Palestinian groups. This is quite the analogy for the real situation. Israel, with the support of the U.S. (UT Police in this case) over-powers and out-numbers Palestinians. Yet! they still feel the need to protect themselves with shows of force.

UT #BDS Movement Sharing Info About Palestine

UT Socialists & #BDS Movement on the South Mall

The UT Austin Socialist student organization together with the #BDS/Palestinian student group is setup on the South Mall sharing information and bringing attention to the colonialism and apartheid conditions many Palestinians are living in at the hands of Israel. The small but dedicated group of students chose this location and time because of the “Israeli Block Party” happening on the south mall lawn.

My Photos on Display at The Benson

LLILAS/Benson Photo Exhibit

Last fall I submitted photos to thw LLILAS/Benson Collection Summer Photo Exhibit. I submitted a few photos, and these were the ones chosen. It’s my first “gallery” showing. The photos are from the 40th Reunion of La Raza Unida Party that took place in June of 2012. Other photos from that event are in my photostream.via Flickr